British Kite Surfing Association Championship Finals

It was the final round of the BKSA Championships and I decided to travel down a couple of days early to check out Westward Ho! to get prepared so I was ready for competitions to start.

My first day on the beach was Thursday and reports from the previous days said that the beach was amazingly hard packed and the winds was awesome, I couldn’t wait to get out and fly. It seems like lots of other flyers were all getting ready in the car park to hit the beach. As soon as the beach appeared the sky filled up with kites. The wind had dropped from the previous day to a nice 15-20mph which is perfect for my 12.5m Montana 6.

I got out to the beach and went out for a ride in the buggy, the wind was feeling good and I decided to go for a jump, it felt great but at the peak of the jump my harness snapped and I had to hang onto the bar. I was gutted that a day before my competition my old harness had snapped on me. I managed to order a new one straight away and it was delivered the next day.

Unfortunately on the Friday there was very little wind so a football came out on the beach for a bit of fun. However in the evening even more fun was to be had. The BKSA organised a Pool competition down the local bar where about 30 kiters turned up. It was great fun and I think most people woke up the next day with a slight hangover.

On the Saturday there was a little bit of wind so it was decided to run as many heats as possible. I was impressed by Will Rose and his ability to do some cool low wind ground work on a land board.

Unfortunately I missed the start of my first heat and didn’t have time to get out, luckily I had another chance to reach the final but it mean that I would have to win 2 more heats to get there. There was very little wind but I was lent an awesome looking all black 14m HQ Montana 7, thanks Passi! This kite generated loads of power with its speed through the air and quick turning speed. In the round before the finals I was able to pull off a sneaky kiteloop wheelie as my first trick which got me through to the finals. The wind was very low and after a few rounds of the land boarding it was decided to call it a day which meant that I came joint first.

(Photo - Maik Schmidt)

Saturday evening was the prize giving ceremony where everyone had taken off their harnesses, washed the sand from their faces and put on their best shirts and dresses.

The overall buggy results were announced and Phil Revill was shocked to hear he had made it to 3rd place. 2011 champion Josh Hough came 2nd place and I was placed 1st winning by just 95 points!

(Photo - BKSA)

Overall it was a great season, we could have done with a bit more wind at some of the events but a great time was had at the very well organised events.

Thanks to HQ Power Kites for supporting me with some top quality kites.

Bring on 2013!