The Suffolk Kite Festival

As some of you may already be aware, over the last few years the Suffolk Kite Festival held at Rougham Airfield has made a loss and has been the victim of bad weather. In 2009 we lost over £6000 and this year 2010 despite adding an additional attraction of a 4 x 4 show we still made a loss.

The owners of Rougham airfield together with the Suffolk Kite Flyers have therefore decided not to hold the festival in 2011, we are however hoping to return back in the future with a much larger festival.

There is nobody more disappointed than myself at the cancellation of our festival. Rougham is a great site and probably the largest festival site available in the UK. One of the other main problems has been the lack of public support and this is probably down to the fact that Rougham Airfield is a private site and one has to pay to come in. Most other festivals are held on council owned land and are free to enter plus they are often sponsored by the local councils to promote tourism.

Rougham is also not near a major city or situated on the coast like many other festival sites which have the advantage of tourism. Bury/Rougham is only a small market town so it has been very difficult and expensive to attract the public from further away.

May I take this opportunity to thank all the teams, flyers, clubs, traders, STACK, members of the Suffolk Kite Flyers club, Rougham Estate Farms and public for supporting the festival over the last 13 years.

13 is definitely a unlucky number for us but with fingers, legs and flying lines crossed we hope to return back in the future with our 14th Suffolk Kite Festival with your support and help – thanks.


Martin Corrie
Chairman of the Festival Committee
& Vice Chairman of the Suffolk Kite Flyers