IMPROVED INSURANCE OFFER (Re: Ceasing of SKF Public Liability Insurance (PLI) - ***March 1st***)


Dear SKF Member,


Last month I wrote to you on behalf of the SKC committee to advise that we would nolonger be able to offer Public Liability Insurance at SKF events.


However following some sterling work by Jamie Brittain, not only has he managed to reduce our club's insurance costs, but he's also included the same level of Public Liability Insurance, thus as a member you will be insured at SKF events. Therefore please ignore my previous email!


Sorry for the the mixed messages, but as you can appreciate such a positive outcome was not expected. I'm sure you'll join me in thanking Jamie for his efforts!


Kind Regards,



SKF Secretary on behalf of the SKF Committee.


Dear SKF member,

Previously at the AGM (29th July 2012) and more recently at the club's EGM (16th Dec 2012 ) it was agreed that the committee should consider the cost and effectiveness offered via the club Personal Liability Insurance (see extract below).

The committee met last Sunday (6th Jan 2013) and it was agreed that:
1. many members have their own insurance to cover them when flying at non-club events,
2. there is a need to reduce the club's expenditure

Thus PLI will be removed from the club's insurance policy and it will become a requirement from ***1st March*** that all members must hold their own liability insurance. Obviously taking out your own insurance will provide you with better protection e.g. when flying at non-SKF events, such as at your local field or beach.

Many organisations offer PLI, including some household insurance policies. The club has provided known kite related organisations that provide PLI on our website: for your information.

As a club we are also looking at affiliating to a National Body, there are two options but currently neither are ideal:

- BKFA - Cover all aspects of kiting, but not currently recognised as such e.g. by the Sports Council. Without affiliation individuals cannot obtain insurance via BKFA.
- BKSA - Currently only cover power kiting but recognised by the Sports Council. Hence only Power Kiters can insure via BKSA.

We will advise as things progress.

If you would like further assistance with insurance, have any questions or issues please contact the SKF Secretary in the first instance ([email protected]). Likewise if you have views on affiliation please let us know.
Hope to catch up with you flying soon.

SKF Secretary on behalf of the SKF Committee.
PS If you believe you have received this email in error please advise by reply, thank you.

AGM Extract:
It was suggested that the club’s insurance be cancelled and members have to provide their own insurance along with non-members signing a waiver if they want to come and have a try.

EGM Extract:
5. Equipment/Personal Insurance
a. Need to reduce club expenditure, current 3rd party liability is limited to SKF meets thus several members have their own insurance too.
b. Proposal is for individuals to take out personal insurance, plus SKF insures contents
i. Phasing needs agreeing and final discussions with members (although it was noted that all were invited to the EGM)
ii. Details to be discussed at next Committee mtg
iii. Consideration of various insurance options including BKFA, BKSA, SPKA, MKF
1. Single, family, junior, all disciplines, newbie temp cover?