2014 Trick comps

Within all areas of kiteing there are subdivisions, in the power scene there are the folk who want to jump and do aerial tricks and there are those who want to go for all out speed. In the single line scene there are people who like the big inflatables and others who like to fly individual pieces of art.

In dual line there are also a number of divisions, those who want to go for all out speed, people who like to fly together (team) and choreograph it to music, people who like to fly straight lines and figures (and also choreograph it to music) and people who like to do tricks (and some like to choreograph it to music).
In the dual line scene the divides in the different subgroups seem wider than in the other areas of kiting. I don't know why, but that is how it seems to me.

I believe that in order for an activity to be a sport and not a pass-time there needs to be competition. So I set about trying to organise uk trick comps. After spending some time trying to set up an event that could be owned by the freestyle/trick flyers and only getting encouragement and support from flyers in Europe or outside the freestyle scene I opted to join with the STACK national championships - They were willing to support a Tricks Party event and already had all the makings of a competition in place (venue, arena, PA system, someone willing to Judge).

So the date was given out in plenty of time and opinions negative or positive asked for. No response came from any uk freestyle flyers. I pitched up on competition day and was the only freestyle orientated pilot there. However we did have all the other parts in place and some other very competent flyers willing to make it into a competition. So the UK Tricks Party Comp went ahead.

The set tricks for the first part of the competition were Axel, Side Slide and Two Point Landing and the second part was a tricks focussed ballet, none of us had had a prepared ballet so it was done on the fly. :lol: 
There was no wind at all other the occasional 'gusts' caused by thermals. It was good fun and I won by a small margin.

Yan :-)