SportKiteDesign Seven

The Seven is a rocking freestyle kite, built by Jorgen a one man company called SportKitedesign based in Sweden.

This is a review I wrote a couple of months ago....

Sportkitedesign Seven - One year on.....

I’ve been flying Sevens pretty much exclusively now for about a year, so I thought I would add a bit to this thread with my opinions of the kite.

Since it first came onto the market the Seven has been through a number of changes, the most notable being the addition of roll bars and new framing in the form of P2X for the Std and P1X for the UL.

On his website Jorgen (who is SportKiteDesign) describes the seven as “designed to be very user-friendly and provide the pilot lots of fun on each outing to the field.” This is a good description of the kite, on the Fury – DS spectrum it definitely sits nearer the DS and the addition of roll bars probably confirms this. Straight lines and square corners are there but the sail needs a fair bit of pressure in it first, in lighter winds over-steer can be a problem for some. The Std has quite good low end performance and will still roll up easily in higher winds.

That said the Seven moves through tricks nicely and at a reasonable pace. Tricks can be done ‘freestyle’ or, with a bit of practice, made to fit TP definitions at a pace that suits the flyer.

But this is really a kite to have fun with and if that’s what you want, it’s all readily available on the Seven. If you like slamming two point landings, K2000, back spins, flick flacks, jacobs ladders, lewis’, wap doo waps, crazy copter’s and all those wrapped, pitch and lazy based tricks you're sure have a great time. Slots, taz’s and other flat spin tricks have always been a particular weakness of mine, however I know that they are there ‘cos I have done them recently…just need more practice!

The UL version is made to give more floaty and more accessible flat spins, but this doesn’t seem to have compromised the flick flacks as seems to have been the case on other very flat spin friendly kites.
There isn’t much else to say about the UL version, apart from being lighter on the lines it’s very much like flying the Std so its easy to switch between the two kites as the wind changes through the day.

I took a chance on the Seven a year ago, and I have never regretted it. Jorgens customer service is great and the kites are very well put together - my original Seven (I now have a new shiny and fully updated Std) has been flown a lot and taken a lot of hard crashes (particularly from my son who still thinks a nose plant is good landing!) but the only real problem I’ve encountered is wear on the bridal. It’s allowed my flying to move forwards and I think it will always be my go to freestyle kite.

I’m pretty confident that SportKiteDesign have not peaked in terms of kite design, and if Jorgen can find away to keep the tricks and improve the precision then I’ll probably never need another kite (although I am pretty confident there will be other kites that I want!).

See it flown here by top freestyler Adrian Bickerstaff

Sportkitedesign Seven freestyle from Adrian Bickerstaffe on Vimeo.

Or by me here

Sunny evening at Rougham from Ianto Spooner "Yan'' on Vimeo.

or here

Lucky Seven - 1 from Ianto Spooner "Yan'' on Vimeo.