Rougham Airfield Flying Area and Site Access

Suffolk Kite Flyers designated flying area at Rougham Airfield

Between 1st October & 1st March the use of small wheeled land board
is only allowed on an ad hoc basis subject to ground & weather conditions.

We have been asked when driving to the flying field could we please take

varied routes across the 1st field (i.e. the festival car park).
This is in an attempt to reduce the rutting of the field.

Please keep away from the marked area used by Bury Model Flying Club.
When the model club are flying we are restricted to our designated area which is from the marker cone on the right along an imaginary line across to the last right hand tree in a line of trees the other side of the emergency runway.

Site Access

To gain access to the site you must use the double gates near the entrance to Rougham Tower.

Please do not use the Rougham Tower driveway as they don’t like kite flyers using this to gain entrance to the airfield.

Once inside, please lock up the gates behind you and put the key back in the box and spin the combination. This is to stop any unauthorised entry to the site.

Please lock the gate even if it’s already open when you arrive or leave.