5 Parish Show at Fingringhoe

Event Date: 
Sun, 04/08/2013 - 09:30 - 17:00

The annual 5 Parish Show at Fingringhoe ( south of Colchester ) takes place on Sunday 4th August 2013. From 11am until 5pm

We need to meet on site at approx. 9:30am to set up the kite making workshop etc. We are also undertaking a kite display, children's kite making workshop and we are also schedule at 4pm to undertake a sweetdrop .

This is another great event and loads to see and do for all the family. There is room for a few power kites/buggies etc.

!! See you ALL there !!

Posted on behalf of Martin

Southwold Kite Event - Sunday 21st July 2013

Event Date: 
Sun, 21/07/2013 - 09:30 - 16:00

We return to Southwold for this years kite event on Sunday 21st July next to the boating lake opposite the pier as before. Meet on site at 9.30am to set up for a 10.30am start. Finishes at 4pm.
Kite display and workshop thanks to Lyn.

Great location but site a bit restrictive next to the 2 boating lakes.


SKF Club Weekender (12-14 July) & AGM Notice - July [email protected] 13:30

Event Date: 
Fri, 12/07/2013 - 16:00 - Sun, 14/07/2013 - 17:00

See - http://www.skfc.co.uk/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1375#p12322 for attachments
As a current (or recently lapsed) member of SKF I'm writing to advise of the next club weekender (12-14 July) and the AGM (July [email protected] 13:30) at Rougham Airfield.

There is a club weekender thread on the forum: http://www.skfc.co.uk/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1370 Any questions etc. just post there.

For the AGM please find enclosed the following:
-Link to Minutes from 2012 AGM: http://www.skfc.co.uk/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1078 (members area, you need to be logged in and have requested access to the members' area).
-Proposed Constitution - See attached
-Proposed Child Protection Policy- See attached
-Link to current club rules: http://www.skfc.co.uk/Club%20Rules
-Link to current committee positions (but please see changes in proposed constitution): http://www.skfc.co.uk/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=565 (members area).

SKF 2013 AGM Agenda: Rougham Airfield, 13:00
1. Apologies - 5mins
2. Minutes of the previous AGM - 10mins
a. Matters Arising
3. Reports:30 mins total
a. Chairman - 5 mins
b. Treasurer - 5 mins
c. Membership - 5 mins
d. Events - 5 mins
e. Website/forum - 5 mins
f. Newsletter - 5 mins

4. Sign-off of Constitution, Club Rules and Child Protection Policy -15 mins
5. Election of Officers - 15 mins
6. Membership costs - 5 mins
7. Any other business - 20 mins

If you are interested in any of the committee positions (the AGM is the time when all positions are up for re-election), or have any questions,etc. please come back to me. Hope to see you the weekend after next for a bit of flying before the AGM - why not make a weekend of it!




Event Date: 
Sun, 07/07/2013 (All day)

Organised by the Farm Machinery Preservation Society this annual rally takes place in the grounds of the NT Long Melford Hall. We are invited to fly kites again this year and we will be on site on Sunday only. However the rally does take place also on the Saturday.
To gain entry please bring your SKF membership card and we need to be on site by no later than 9.30am otherwise you will have to park in the main public car park. Another great venue and loads to see on the rally site.

Gipping Young Farmers - 23rd June THIS SUNDAY - Have-a-go

Event Date: 
Sun, 23/06/2013 - 10:30 - 15:30

Thanks for your help guys, a good time was had by all and a few quid for the kitty too!

Jamie's posted some photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamieb158/sets/72157634285875842/
We are hosting GYFC at Rougham for a have-a-go session.

Please come along and support the event, any help would be appreciated, whatever your particular kiting passion and your ability!!! The more hands the better.

If you'd like any more information please come back to me.

Thanks in advance,


PS SKF members - 10:00 for a 10:30 start if possible please.

Fish & Chips!

As you all know this weekend we are celebrating out 20th Birthday! This evening there will be a fiah & chip van on site at Rougham Airfield so there is no need to cook after setting up your tent!

The weather is looking fantastic this weekend so we thought it was a good idea to have a nice ice cream, so over the weekend you will see an ice cream van/ bike offering some yummy ice cream!

Big Birthday Bash Sponsors

Suffolk Kite Flyers would like to thank the local businesses who are helping out and supporting this event.

FSM Logo

With expertise in design, fabrication and finishing, FSM offers a complete service to clients looking for high quality precision manufacturing of metal products.

Edge Riders
EdgeRiders are an independent Snowboard Shop, Kite Shop and Wakeboard shop based in Ipswich, UK. Established in 2003 we offer specialist advise, equipment and friendly service.

Pro Alloy Motorsport Ltd have over 25 years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of High performance Alloy water radiators, Intercoolers and fuel systems.

Sperling Retail

For more than 50 years Sperling has worked with premier retailers, manufacturing store fixtures in Haverhill, Suffolk and sourcing from suppliers worldwide.

If your company would like to support this event then please get in contact by emailing [email protected]

Big Birthday Bash! & BKSA Championships Round 2

Event Date: 
Fri, 07/06/2013 - 12:00 - Sun, 09/06/2013 - 17:00

Suffolk Kite Flyers will be celebrating its 20th birthday this year so we thought that requires some celebrations!

This weekend will be based on the legendary open weekenders that we run throughout the summer but bigger, better and whole lot more fun!

We are please to announce that the 2nd round of the BKSA Freestyle Championships will be held at the weekend which will bring the top Freestyle Power Kiters from the UK and all over Europe to Rougham Airfield!


We are also going to be having live music on the Saturday evening along with some fantastic pyrotechnics to really celebrate our 20th Birthday! (TBC)

A bar and marquee will be onsite all weekend for liquid refreshments. We will also be doing a big pot of Chilli or similar in the evenings and will have a BBQ lit for anyone to use (bring your own food!).

This is going to be a great weekend for all of the family and we welcome everyone to come along and celebrate with us.

Camping only - £10 each
Camping with flying - £15 each
Camping (family) - £20 (2 x adults, 3 x kids)

Ticket Type

SKF members get a 50% discount - Join here www.skfc.co.uk/join

We will offer competitors that have entered a Camping only charge of £10 for the weekend, if they turn up with family it will be the normal charge of £20
Camping will be from Friday to Sunday.

BKSA Competiton Entry - http://www.britishkitesurfingassociation.co.uk/events/suffolk-freestyle-...

Any traction kiters are required wear a helmet at all times
All kite flyers are required to have 3rd party liability insurance (http://www.skfc.co.uk/Kite-Flying-Insurance)

Suffolk Kite Flyers Club or its Committee members accepts no responsibilty for all unknown, unforeseen, unanticipated and unsuspected injuries, damages, loss and liability and the consequences thereof, as well as those now disclosed and known to exist. The provisions of any state, federal, local or territorial law or state providing substance that releases shall not extend to claims, demands, injuries, or damages which are known or unsuspected to exist at this time, to the person executing such release, are hereby expressly waived.


Event Date: 
Sat, 23/02/2013 - 19:00 - 23:00

(copy of Moz's note on forum: http://www.skfc.co.uk/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1244&hilit=23%2A+feb%2A)
I have secured a venue at no cost to club for a Xmas gathering .

The venue - Bennett Arms public house , new road , Rougham
Date -Feb 23rd
Time-7pm til close

Sean the landlord has kindly let us have use of one end of the pub for the night at no cost and will also allow us to bring our own nibbles or buffet if we wish ..obviously he would us to but his drink lol ....

So who's up for it ?

Nibbles or buffet ? If buffet who want to help me prepare some stuff sandwiches and suchlike ...

This is the first social gathering since the club decided to pull together so let's do just that ....all disciplines and ages come a mingle and talk and eat and drink ...this will kick off the years events ..

Look forward to seeing young and not so young ..


Bennett arms
1 New Road
IP30 9
United Kingdom

20 Years of SKF

Somewhere to start to add content looking back over the 20 years since SKF was formed.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8470912569/in/[email protected]

Online Membership Goes LIVE!

Join Now

Suffolk Kite Flyers Club are pleased to finally announce that you can now register and manage you membership online!

It has been a long time coming but finally you can now renew your membership online using paypal and also keep all your details up to date so you will now never miss out on any important emails, event notifications or newsletters.

So head on over to www.skfc.co.uk/join to join Suffolk Kite Flyers Club.

If you are a current member then you should have recieved a username and password by email which you can login with.
If you have any problems with the system then please email [email protected]

Please note: data is still being added into the system but feel free to update your membership details yourself.

IMPROVED INSURANCE OFFER (Re: Ceasing of SKF Public Liability Insurance (PLI) - ***March 1st***)


Dear SKF Member,


Last month I wrote to you on behalf of the SKC committee to advise that we would nolonger be able to offer Public Liability Insurance at SKF events.


However following some sterling work by Jamie Brittain, not only has he managed to reduce our club's insurance costs, but he's also included the same level of Public Liability Insurance, thus as a member you will be insured at SKF events. Therefore please ignore my previous email!


Sorry for the the mixed messages, but as you can appreciate such a positive outcome was not expected. I'm sure you'll join me in thanking Jamie for his efforts!


Kind Regards,



SKF Secretary on behalf of the SKF Committee.


Dear SKF member,

Previously at the AGM (29th July 2012) and more recently at the club's EGM (16th Dec 2012 ) it was agreed that the committee should consider the cost and effectiveness offered via the club Personal Liability Insurance (see extract below).

The committee met last Sunday (6th Jan 2013) and it was agreed that:
1. many members have their own insurance to cover them when flying at non-club events,
2. there is a need to reduce the club's expenditure

Thus PLI will be removed from the club's insurance policy and it will become a requirement from ***1st March*** that all members must hold their own liability insurance. Obviously taking out your own insurance will provide you with better protection e.g. when flying at non-SKF events, such as at your local field or beach.

Many organisations offer PLI, including some household insurance policies. The club has provided known kite related organisations that provide PLI on our website:
http://www.skfc.co.uk/Kite-Flying-Insurance for your information.

As a club we are also looking at affiliating to a National Body, there are two options but currently neither are ideal:

- BKFA - Cover all aspects of kiting, but not currently recognised as such e.g. by the Sports Council. Without affiliation individuals cannot obtain insurance via BKFA.
- BKSA - Currently only cover power kiting but recognised by the Sports Council. Hence only Power Kiters can insure via BKSA.

We will advise as things progress.

If you would like further assistance with insurance, have any questions or issues please contact the SKF Secretary in the first instance ([email protected]). Likewise if you have views on affiliation please let us know.
Hope to catch up with you flying soon.

SKF Secretary on behalf of the SKF Committee.
PS If you believe you have received this email in error please advise by reply, thank you.

AGM Extract:
It was suggested that the club’s insurance be cancelled and members have to provide their own insurance along with non-members signing a waiver if they want to come and have a try.

EGM Extract:
5. Equipment/Personal Insurance
a. Need to reduce club expenditure, current 3rd party liability is limited to SKF meets thus several members have their own insurance too.
b. Proposal is for individuals to take out personal insurance, plus SKF insures contents
i. Phasing needs agreeing and final discussions with members (although it was noted that all were invited to the EGM)
ii. Details to be discussed at next Committee mtg
iii. Consideration of various insurance options including BKFA, BKSA, SPKA, MKF
1. Single, family, junior, all disciplines, newbie temp cover?

Do you have your own kiting insurance? If so who is it from?

36% (4 votes)
18% (2 votes)
18% (2 votes)
9% (1 vote)
No other insurance
18% (2 votes)
Total votes: 11

Kite Flying Insurance

Kite Flying Insurance

By being a member of Suffolk Kite Flyers individuals are covered by the club's Public Liability Insurance whilst flying are at SKF organised events. However, Suffolk Kite Flyers recommend that all members purchase 3rd party liabilty insurance to cover themselves if flying at non-club events.

The following information was brought together by Hank to assist in finding personal insurance specifically tailored for kite flyers (other insurance which you may already hold, such as household policies, may provide sufficient cover). SKF are not making recommendations as to which supplier is the most appropriate for your particular circumstances. If anyone has any more infomation on any other organisations that cover individual kite flyers then please let us know.

British Kite Sports Association (Formally British Kite Surfing Association)

On April 16th 2010 the British Kitesurfing Assoiation(BKSA) were granted as the National Governing Body (NGB) for Kitesurfing by Sport England, Sport Scotland, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland. The BKSA has done and continues to do alot within kite flying to keep access open to beaches and flying spots around the UK. They also run a National freestyle power kite competition which gains good press coverage and attracts attention of the public which highlights the sport in positive light.

Here are a few features of joining the BKSA:-

Sports covered: Kite Surfing, Power Kiting, Kite Buggying, Land Kite Boarding, Kite Skiing, Snow Kite Boarding and Kite Cats.
£5 Million 3rd Party Liability Insurance
Personal Accident cover
Worldwide cover with exceptions
Access to grants if club was to affliate

Individual - £36
Junior - £26
Student - £31
Family - £95

Scottish Power Kite Association

The SPKA has been running for a number of years providing third party Insurance for participants of Power Kite related activities. Power Kiting comes in a number of forms, Kite Buggying, KiteATB'ing, Kite Surfing, Snow Kiting, Kite Jumping and Scudding.

Here are a few features of joining the SPKA:-

Sports covered: Kite Buggying, KiteATB'ing, Kite Surfing, Snow Kiting, Kite Jumping and Scudding.
£5 Million 3rd Party Liability Insurance
Organised race weekends based in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Individual - £28
Junior - £20
Family - £60

Midlands Kite Fliers

All members of The Midlands Kite Fliers are covered by a Public Liability Insurance to fly kites anywhere in the world for pleasure - including all MKF fly-ins and events and at other kite group fly-ins and kite festivals.

Here are a few features of joining the MKF:-

Sports covered: Single, dual and quad (rev) style kites. Traction kiting is not covered.
£5 Million 3rd Party Liability Insurance
Up to date information with quarterly issues of The MKF News - our club newsletter.
Free admission to all MKF events.
Preferential arrangements/reduced/free entry to many other National Festivals and events.

Individual - £12
Family - £13

Looking for something fun to do in Suffolk?

Are You Looking for fun things to do in Suffolk?

Suffolk Kite Flyers Club has a wide range of kites suiting all ages that you can try, fly and have FUN!

Fun in the Suffolk Snow

With experienced kite flyers on hand to help out, we welcome people who would like to try out the fantastic fun sport of kite flying. We have a buggy tandem that gives all ages from small children right through to the more senior thrill seekers a first hand experience!

Kite Buggying fun

To find out when we are flying at Rougham Airfield near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk check out the forum.

See You Soon!

The Suffolk Kite Flyers Club

Suffolk Kite Flyers Hits the Press

Click to enlarge image.

***EGM*** - Don't forget it's this Sunday! ***Bit of a strange request but could we ask that you bring a camping seat or similar.***

Event Date: 
Sun, 16/12/2012 - 11:00 - 13:00

UPDATE - Looks like a few keen souls are planning on meeting up for a pre-EGM fly, why not come along and combine the two. Weather dependent we may fly after the EGM too.

***Bit of a strange request but could we ask that you bring a camping seat or similar.***

Copy of letter sent out to all members:

For those that use the forums you will have already seen that Yan has decided it is time to hang up his chairman’s hat and spend more time with his kites. I am sure all members wish him well and wish to thank him for all he has done.

The committee needs a new club chairman to be voted on and feels the best way forward is to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) for anyone who wishes to stand for chairman to make it known and to allow all paid up members to vote. Given the current membership is extremely low and getting so many members in one place at the same time just for one vote is problematic it has been proposed that other items are placed on the agenda (below) including ‘any other business’ to give all members a floor to speak about any items they think prudent to raise whilst we have all members present.

The EGM will take place 11am on Sunday the 16th of December 2012 at Hartwell Blinds shop, 79 Northgate street, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1JD

Mince pies will be served.

The committee

1. Vote for new chairman, Events Co-ord(s), Non Executive Member
2. Future of the Suffolk Kite Flyers - Martin (added after letters printed)
3. Online membership (Jeff and Hank)
4. Container/club house
5. Equipment/personal insurance
6. AOB

Essex Kite Park - BKSA - The Only Way Is Essex Video

Hey eveyone,

Check out this video from the first round of the British Kite Surfing Assciation's UK Championships which was run at Essex Kite Park near Southend. Video by Beboii.
This was a great weekend with plenty of wind (almost too much on the first day!) and with the ramps and sliders everyone enjoyed a mix of flat land riding and boosting from the ramps.


British Kite Surfing Association Championship Finals

It was the final round of the BKSA Championships and I decided to travel down a couple of days early to check out Westward Ho! to get prepared so I was ready for competitions to start.

My first day on the beach was Thursday and reports from the previous days said that the beach was amazingly hard packed and the winds was awesome, I couldn’t wait to get out and fly. It seems like lots of other flyers were all getting ready in the car park to hit the beach. As soon as the beach appeared the sky filled up with kites. The wind had dropped from the previous day to a nice 15-20mph which is perfect for my 12.5m Montana 6.

I got out to the beach and went out for a ride in the buggy, the wind was feeling good and I decided to go for a jump, it felt great but at the peak of the jump my harness snapped and I had to hang onto the bar. I was gutted that a day before my competition my old harness had snapped on me. I managed to order a new one straight away and it was delivered the next day.

Unfortunately on the Friday there was very little wind so a football came out on the beach for a bit of fun. However in the evening even more fun was to be had. The BKSA organised a Pool competition down the local bar where about 30 kiters turned up. It was great fun and I think most people woke up the next day with a slight hangover.

On the Saturday there was a little bit of wind so it was decided to run as many heats as possible. I was impressed by Will Rose and his ability to do some cool low wind ground work on a land board.

Unfortunately I missed the start of my first heat and didn’t have time to get out, luckily I had another chance to reach the final but it mean that I would have to win 2 more heats to get there. There was very little wind but I was lent an awesome looking all black 14m HQ Montana 7, thanks Passi! This kite generated loads of power with its speed through the air and quick turning speed. In the round before the finals I was able to pull off a sneaky kiteloop wheelie as my first trick which got me through to the finals. The wind was very low and after a few rounds of the land boarding it was decided to call it a day which meant that I came joint first.

(Photo - Maik Schmidt)

Saturday evening was the prize giving ceremony where everyone had taken off their harnesses, washed the sand from their faces and put on their best shirts and dresses.

The overall buggy results were announced and Phil Revill was shocked to hear he had made it to 3rd place. 2011 champion Josh Hough came 2nd place and I was placed 1st winning by just 95 points!

(Photo - BKSA)

Overall it was a great season, we could have done with a bit more wind at some of the events but a great time was had at the very well organised events.

Thanks to HQ Power Kites for supporting me with some top quality kites.

Bring on 2013!




Event Date: 
Sat, 10/11/2012 - 11:00 - 16:00

Wetherden have just received a grant for their playing fields etc. To celebrate this grant they have asked Suffolk Kite Flyers to undertake both a kite display and children's kite making workshop. Wetherden Playing Fields and Village Hall is just north of the A14 near the Haughley bends.
Address is :- Wetherden - Elmswell Road - IP14 3JT
We need to meet on site at between 9.30 and 10am approx to set up. The workshop will be in the Village Hall. Due to the restricted site this is not suitable for buggies etc sorry. Please support our last external event for 2012

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