***EGM*** - Don't forget it's this Sunday! ***Bit of a strange request but could we ask that you bring a camping seat or similar.***

Event Date: 
Sun, 16/12/2012 - 11:00 - 13:00

UPDATE - Looks like a few keen souls are planning on meeting up for a pre-EGM fly, why not come along and combine the two. Weather dependent we may fly after the EGM too.

***Bit of a strange request but could we ask that you bring a camping seat or similar.***

Copy of letter sent out to all members:

For those that use the forums you will have already seen that Yan has decided it is time to hang up his chairman’s hat and spend more time with his kites. I am sure all members wish him well and wish to thank him for all he has done.

The committee needs a new club chairman to be voted on and feels the best way forward is to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) for anyone who wishes to stand for chairman to make it known and to allow all paid up members to vote. Given the current membership is extremely low and getting so many members in one place at the same time just for one vote is problematic it has been proposed that other items are placed on the agenda (below) including ‘any other business’ to give all members a floor to speak about any items they think prudent to raise whilst we have all members present.

The EGM will take place 11am on Sunday the 16th of December 2012 at Hartwell Blinds shop, 79 Northgate street, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1JD

Mince pies will be served.

The committee

1. Vote for new chairman, Events Co-ord(s), Non Executive Member
2. Future of the Suffolk Kite Flyers - Martin (added after letters printed)
3. Online membership (Jeff and Hank)
4. Container/club house
5. Equipment/personal insurance
6. AOB

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